Chemical & homecare

We design and produce Filling & Capping Machines to work different types of chemical products from small to big formats

The machines can be built with anti-corrosive protections as well as ATEX constructive designs.

Filler chemical&homecare
Floor cleaner
Dish wash
Disinfectants and surface cleaners
WC cleaner
Glass cleaner
Laundry detergents
Lubricant oils
House perfume
Our solutions
Rinser Torq Packaging
Rotary rinser
Our SR series rotary rinsing machines are for cleaning containers before filling operations.
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Filler Torq Packaging
In-Line fillers
The fillers of the LF series are In-Line machines measuring the liquid by means of inductive or mass-flowmeters.
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Mono Capper Torq Packaging
Single Head Capper
TM Series are our cappers for low speed, with simple efficient maintenance, operator friendly given HMI interfacing and diagnostics, simple change over.
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Multi-Head rotary capper
Multi-head rotary Capper
TR series rotary multi-head cappers are designed to handle all types of closures for medium and high production speeds.
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